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Malondialdehid as an indicator of the intensity of lipid peroksidation in the body in response to physical exertion
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The creation of scientific basis for the most complete identification of the potentcial of athletes work capacity and for maintaining their health under the stress andloadces to which they are subjectal during competitions is the main task of research in pyhisiolojy and biochemistry. There fore, the study of the radical reactions in the body and the search of the ways to influence their reactions are of great importance. Lipid perioxidation is one of the mеchanisms of regulation of cell metabolism under physiological conditions and, apparently, plays a certain role in the action on the living system of varions extreme agents. In our work we investigated malondialdehide as an indicator of the intensity of lipid peroksidetion in the body in respouse to physical exertion and came to an idea, that chronic exercise can well modulate the flow of free radical processes in skeletal muscles and other organs. This is reflected in adaptive changes in the lipid peroxidation (POL) level and enzyme activity of the antioxidant defense system. The nature of the changes depends on the type of energy supply, i.e. on belonging of muscles to glycolytic or oxidative types.


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